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La Fortuna & Arenal Volcano


La Fortuna

The history of La Fortuna is one worth mentioning; the town was not always called La Fortuna, but it got its name after being one of the lucky towns that did not get destroyed after Volcano Arenal erupted in 1968. These days, the town attract tourists from all over the world because it is close to many tourist attractions like Venado Caverns, Arenal Volcano, Ca?o Negro Wildlife Reserve and the La Fortuna Waterfalls. While staying in La Fortuna, you can enjoy the scenery, take a trip or relax in the famous hot springs.




Arenal Volcano

Until October 2010, the Arenal Volcano was perceived as being the most active volcano in Costa Rica. Today, however, the volcano is in a resting phase. Do not let this hold you back in coming to see it and its surroundings though, because there is enough to see and do during your trip to the Arenal Volcano.?

Prices and travel information

You can choose to travel by public bus to La Fortuna (which is the same bus to Arenal), it will cost around US $5 and it will take about 4? hours. When visiting the hot springs, you can choose between the Tabac?n Resort which costs about US $70 and Baldi, which costs about US $30. The entrance fee to the Arenal Volcano National Park is about US $10.
If you prefer to do a one day tour, including transportation, entrance fees and meals, the price is about US $120.