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Volunteer in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica - Internships in Costa Rica

Universal de Idiomas offers personalized internships to people that want to do volunteer work in Costa Rica. This means, that according to your interests and abilities we will find the right opening and place for you. In general, we are able to find internships in every area, for example: marketing, tourism, culture, educational institutions, primary schools, just to name a few.

Internships normally last at least 12 weeks so that you can be truly immersed into the work you are doing. Many supervisors would prefer their interns to volunteer for at least 12 weeks. There is no maximum limit in time for the internship.

To begin your internship and apply your knowledge in the best possible way, it is recommended to attend one of our language courses. A good knowledge of the Spanish language will definitely be of help during your internship. In most of the cases, employers demand that the intern take Spanish classes before starting work. In rare cases, an exception might be made. Universal de Idiomas also will try to find internship positions for applicants that do not or only have a low command of Spanish. Depending on your knowledge of the Spanish language, we will find the right Spanish class that will help you learn to communicate effectively in a relative short time.

To start our search we need: your resume, a photo and report sheets. As soon as we receive these we will start our search for the right internship. Please keep in mind that searching for an internship opening takes time. On the average we need up to 2 months for the process. Therefore please apply on time. For students who want to take at least 4 weeks of classes, we can provide tha internship or volunteering arrangement for free and for those who only want help with their placement, there is a fee of $250.

Please let us know about your interests and we can help you, for more information:

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