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Why Learn Spanish?

Spanish is the language most spoken as a first language in the Western World and the third most spoken worldwide.

Spanish is the cultural gateway to most of the Latin American countries and Spain. Knowing Spanish opens up a new dimension to your travels in Latin American countries. You will know how to understand people of other countries better, enjoy their rich culture and make friends.

Spanish is also becoming a must for European and American businessmen who want to get into the ever growing Latin American and Spanish markets. Having a good command of this Romance language provides you with a competitive edge among your competitors and colleagues. Your opportunities of closing successful deals with Latin American partners will be greatly enhanced.

Having a better understanding of the large Hispanic market in Europe and the US allows your company to grow into new market segments.

A good command of Spanish allows you to grow personally. Since it enables you to read Spanish and Latin American literature; be more understanding of other cultures and learn to appreciate your own culture and values better.

Spanish is relatively easy to learn since many of the words are of the same Latin or Greek roots as English. Knowing Spanish provides you with a rich base in your quest of learning the other major romance languages of Latin root such as: Italian, French and Portuguese.

Now is the time to open this gateway to a rich and rewarding Spanish learning experience at Universal Costa Rica.

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