Learn Spanish in the Lush Beauty of Costa Rica and Vibrant Panama

Welcome to Universal de Idiomas, the premier institute with over 40 years of expertise in bridging language gaps and hearts through our Spanish programs in Costa Rica and Panama. Experience personalized learning, cultural integration, and unforgettable memories—all while you learn Spanish fluently.

A New Adventure Awaits at Our New Panama Spanish School

For the discerning linguist and adventurer: Discover our Spanish learning haven in Panama! For more details on embracing the Panama experience, reach out to us at: spanish@universal-edu.com

Why Universal de Idiomas Is Your Spanish School of Choice

At Universal de Idiomas, we are more than a language school. We are a community, a cultural dive, and a support system designed to make your linguistic journey seamless.

  • Experienced Instructors: With 40 years of successful teaching behind us, we have refined our techniques to ensure you learn Spanish swiftly and effectively.
  • Cultural Immersion: Our languages go beyond the classroom walls. Stay with our welcoming host families, engage with the local communities and fully embrace the Latin American spirit.
  • Strategic Location: Nestled in the vibrant streets of San Jose, you have the world at your doorstep. Explore museums, culinary delights, and the lively culture of Costa Rica’s capital.

Beyond the Classroom – Immerse Yourself in Costa Rican and Panamanian Wonders

Your learning continues beyond the textbooks. With Universal de Idiomas, your Spanish lessons intertwine with nature treks, beach getaways, and cuisine explorations. Costa Rica’s biodiversity and Panama's eclectic landscapes offer the perfect backdrop for your educational journey.

Your Pathway to Fluency – Our Spanish Courses

Transition from student to storyteller with our immersive curriculum tailored for all proficiency levels. Our flexible programs are designed to optimize your time and learning, ensuring you get the most out of each session.

Curious about our courses? Excited to start your journey? We’re here to guide your way to fluency. Contact us now for a life-changing educational experience!

  • Learn Spanish in Costa Rica in a very short period of time
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • You get to know the "Ticos" and their culture
  • Fair prices
  • Opportunity to travel throughout the country
  • Intensive courses
  • Small classes, on average 4 students per teacher
  • Courses for teachers
  • Spanish for business professionals
  • Spanish for doctors
  • Excellent host families
  • Exchange with native Costa Ricans


Learn Spanish at Instituto Universal de Idiomas